What if you never had to remove a cap again?
Decapping now comes standard with every Atellica Solution.

Solve Staffing Challenges

Staffing shortages will likely remain in our industry for years to come, but the Atellica® Decapper can help your lab make the most out of every second.

Increase Daily Throughput

As testing volumes continue to increase, labs need to ensure the right solutions are in place to maintain efficient operations and quality patient care.

Reduce Sample Handling Errors

Sample handling errors can have a significant impact on the quality of lab results and overall patient safety. With the Atellica® Decapper, your lab can do more, with less.

Improve Staff Safety

Increase the safety of your staff by eliminating the risk of injuries and sample exposure that stem from the repetitive motion of manual decapping.


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In this guide, you'll find 10 key questions your team should be asking as you evaluate your options for integrated automation.

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