Evolution of the HER2 biomarker in Breast Cancer Diagnostics from Identification through Monitoring

Speakers: Dr. David G. Hicks, and Dr. Steven A. Noel

Key Topics: HER-2/neu, Oncology

Watch the "Evolution of the HER2 biomarker in Breast Cancer Diagnostics from Identification through Monitoring" On-Demand Webinar

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About this webinar

We invite you to watch our educational webinar and learn about the Evolution of the HER2 biomarker in Breast Cancer Diagnostics from Identification through Monitoring.

HER2 over-expression/gene amplification is present in 15-20% of breast cancer and is recognized as an important prognostic and predictive biomarker associated with a more aggressive clinical course of disease. This observation lead to the development of therapies that target the HER2 pathway which have demonstrated remarkable clinical efficacy in clinical trials and clinical practice. This approach to treatment decision making requires accurate, reliable, and reproducible HER2 assessment in clinical breast cancer samples for the purpose of treatment planning. The important role that HER2 testing plays in clinical care has led to national testing guideline, which have been informed and updated based on feedback from the clinical community, emerging literature, and the development of new targeted therapeutics.

Speaker Dr. David G. Hicks will address below objectives:

  • Explain the role of the pathologist in the diagnosis and treatment planning for patient with a diagnosis of invasive breast cancer
  • Explain how HER2 testing is performed on diagnostic breast cancer biopsies and what steps need to be taken to help ensure the accuracy, reproducibility, and reliability of testing results
  • Explain what is new in HER2 testing and some of the challenges with providing accurate and reliable HER2 testing results

Speaker Dr. Steven A. Noel will address the below objective:

  • Explain the role of the core lab in monitoring treatment for patient with HER2+ metastatic breast cancer

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About the speakers

 Dr. David G. Hicks

Dr. David G. Hicks, MD
Director, IHC/ISH Laboratory & Chief of the Breast Subspecialty Service
University of Rochester Medical Center

Dr. Hicks Professor and Director of IHC-ISH Laboratory and Breast Subspecialty Service at URMC. His innovative approaches to improving efficiency and quality in surgical pathology have been highlighted in publications and invited lectures sponsored by national pathology organizations. He has implemented a subspecialty-based surgical pathology system, combining disease-specific diagnostic and prognostic expertise with translational research based on organ systems and disease categories.

As a member of the Ad Hoc Committee on Immunohistochemistry Standardization, and co-author of their consensus recommendations, he is a leader in the emerging effort to achieve the full potential of immunostaining as a tissue-based quantitative ELISA test. He has been appointed to an ASCO/CAP panel that is developing national guidelines on estrogen receptor testing in breast cancer, having served recently on a similar panel that made important recommendations to improve HER2 testing in breast cancer.

Dr. Steven A. Noel picture

Dr. Steven A. Noel, PhD, MT (ASCP)
Vice President of Lab Operations
Drugscan, Inc., Warminster, PA

Dr. Noel is a Clinical Chemist, receiving his doctorate from The Ohio State University. He has served in different capacities in laboratory medicine throughout his 40-year career. As a Clinical Chemist, Dr. Noel served as Technical Director in hospital and commercial laboratories. He is currently the as the VP of Operations at Drugscan. He as also worked for Siemens as a clinical consultant. Dr. Noel has published on clinical laboratory immunoassay topics across multiple disease states.